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Knitting Fever
Categories > Yarn Selections - Infinite Yarns > Yarns by Brand > Knitting Fever
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Knitting Fever Angora Extra Yarn
KNITTING FEVER Angora Extra YarnKNITTING FEVER Angora Extra Yarn
Knitting Fever Angora Extra yarn is a beautifully soft angora that doesn't shed a great deal and is a dream to knit and crochet with. It is great for making fuzzy hats, scarves, sweaters, vests and shawls
Knitting Fever Athena
Knitting Fever AthenaKnitting Fever Athena
Knitting Fever Athena
Knitting Fever Dazzle
Knitting Fever DazzleKnitting Fever Dazzle
Knitting Fever Dazzle
Knitting Fever Flounce
Knitting Fever FlounceKnitting Fever Flounce
Knitting Fever Flounce - Fabulous ruffles!! Super fast and easy this mesh tape knits up into gorgeous ruffles in no time. Makes a perfect gift!
Knitting Fever Flutter
Knitting Fever FlutterKnitting Fever Flutter
Knitting Fever Flutter

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