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Categories > Yarn Selections - Infinite Yarns > Yarns by Fiber > Wool
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Imperial Yarn Columbia
Imperial Yarn ColumbiaImperial Yarn Columbia
Imperial Yarn Columbia is basic worsted weight yarn. Columbia 2-Ply is mule spun, giving it a character similar to hand spun. It yields smooth, cozy creations with a weighty feel to them. Columbia 2-Ply is an ideal choice for medium-weight sweater...
Imperial Yarn Erin
Imperial Yarn ErinImperial Yarn Erin
Imperial Yarn Erin -is a terrific all-around medium worsted weight yarn. Producing a softer fabric than the 2-ply, Erin is especially nice for color work and textured stitch patterns. Versatility is one of its many charmsóchoose it to create just ...
Imperial Yarn Native Twist
Imperial Yarn Native TwistImperial Yarn Native Twist
Imperial Yarn Native Twist - a single-ply, lofty yarn. The bulky weight creates a soft, smooth knit fabric, making it an excellent option for heavy-weight outerwear such as coats and sweaters and fantastic for bags like our Farmers Market Tote. Th...
Jojoland Fantasia
Jojoland FantasiaJojoland Fantasia
Jojoland Fantasia - chunky superwash wool in great striping colors. Gradual, subtle color changes based on three main colors make for a spectacular result. It's perfect for quick projects that you'll finish in no time.
Jojoland Rhythm Wool
Jojoland Rhythm WoolJojoland Rhythm Wool
Jojoland Rhythm Variegated Worsted Weight Wool Yarn comes in an amazing color pallette. This yarn has very long, subtle, and in some color ways not so subtle, color changes that produce wonderful tones and make this yarn most interesting to knit ...

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