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Categories > Yarn Selections - Infinite Yarns > Yarns by Fiber > Viscose
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Louisa Harding Flotsam
Louisa Harding FlotsamLouisa Harding Flotsam
Louisa Harding Flotsam is a fun, colorful ribbon-like yarn, perfect for summer tops or throws.
Louisa Harding Merletto
Louisa Harding MerlettoLouisa Harding Merletto
Louisa Harding Merletto
Mirasol Nuna Fina
Mirasol Nuna FinaMirasol Nuna Fina
Mirasol Nuna Fina has the same stunning combination of Merino Wool, Silk and Bamboo Yarns as Mirasol Nuna but this time in a laceweight that is ideal for your delicate projects. The vibrant jewel tones make this yarn a perfect choice for any season.
OnLine Linie 164 Java
OnLine Linie 164 JavaOnLine Linie 164 Java
OnLine Linie 164 Java - Rich sheen and vibrant color produce this tonal yarn. The fine gauge produces beautiful summer cover ups, tops, and accessories.
OnLine Linie 276 Sumaro
OnLine Linie 276 SumaroOnLine Linie 276 Sumaro
OnLine Linie 276 Sumaro - The combined fibers that make this yarn produce a subtle, yet stunning texture. Finished projects have a slightly textured, heathered look. Perfect for any garment worn close to the skin, all season sweaters, and accessor...

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