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Bulky Weight Yarns
Categories > Yarn Selections - Infinite Yarns > Yarns by Gauge > Bulky Weight Yarns
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Euro Yarns Starstruck
Euro Yarns StarstruckEuro Yarns Starstruck
Euro Yarns Starstruck
Euro Yarns Tinseltown
Euro Yarns TinseltownEuro Yarns Tinseltown
Euro Yarns Tinseltown
Feza Alp Oriental
Feza Alp OrientalFeza Alp Oriental
Feza Alp Oriental - These fabulous balls of various yarns are really incredible to work with. Each ball is a combination of various novelty yarns that are hand tied together to make a long striping pattern repeat that is truly unique
Feza Catalina
Feza CatalinaFeza Catalina
Feza Catalina - Patterns featuring simple
stitchwork in this hand-tied yarn will make up
beautifully with the unique blend of natural fibers.
Each strand takes on dye differently resulting in
skeins rich in color and in texture.
Feza Cyprus Mohair
Feza Cyprus MohairFeza Cyprus Mohair
Feza Cyprus Mohair is a wonderfully soft blend of wool and acrylic in a bulky weight yarn that will knit or crochet into lovely scarves or garments with beautifully varigated and striping, vibrant colors

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