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Worsted Weight Yarns
Categories > Yarn Selections - Infinite Yarns > Yarns by Gauge > Worsted Weight Yarns
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Araucania Tolhuaca Solid
Araucania Tolhuaca SolidAraucania Tolhuaca Solid
Araucania Tolhuaca Solid is a 100% pima cotton bottone that is dyed in subtly tonal colors and wrapped with a very thin nubby ply of black It is a wonderful yarn for warm weather knitting, and a nice alternative for people who cannot use wool.
Artyarns Handpaint Stripes
ARTYARNS Handpaint StripesARTYARNS Handpaint Stripes
Artyarns Handpaint Stripes is 100% hand-painted, merino wool yarn. It is soft and luscious with a textured twist. It's machine washable, extremely versatile and the striping prevents pooling or flashing of unpredictable colors.
Artyarns Regal Silk
Artyarns Regal Silk will work with any patterns that call for worsted weight yarn. It will keep you incredibly warm in winter, yet knits up to such feathery light garments that it is always a pleasure to wear close to the skin regardless of how w...
Aslan Trends Invernal
Aslan Trends InvernalAslan Trends Invernal
Aslan Trends Invernal is carefully crafted & blended to inspire comfort & elegance. The natural Angora comes from the long-haired Angora rabbit (not Angora goats - thatís Mohair). Angora rabbit is seven times warmer than traditional sheepís wool.
Aslan Trends King
Aslan Trends KingAslan Trends King
Aslan Trends King brings you the best two fibers in the world. King Baby Llama completely de-haired and Mulberry Silk processed in Italy with the highest quality silk available in the market

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