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Jean Greenhowe's MacScarecrow Clan
Categories > Books & Magazines > Knitting Books > Jean Greenhowe's MacScarecrow Clan
Jean Greenhowe's MacScarecrow Clan
Jean Greenhowe's MacScarecrow Clan

Softcover MacScarecrow Clan - The Scottish Scarecrow Family By Jean Greenhowe
Welcome to Glen Sunnybogle, Highland Home of the Clan MacScarecrow. There’s Scotty, keeper of the beasties that roam the hills; his wife Morag, who happens to be an expert knitter with their 2 wee ones, the family dog and the oldest member of the family, the bagpipe playing Great Uncle Angus. Last but not least is Big Bobby, the loveable green monster of the mountain.
Jean Greenhowes MacScarecrow Clan Jean Greenhowes MacScarecrow Clan
JG MacScarecrow Clan
$ 11.95  

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