Building with Lace KAL Workshop


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Join our Building with Lace Knitalong.  Building with Lace is a carefully designed sequence of patterns that introduce knitters to lace work starting with the basics and working towards more difficult patterns.

This could be a year long project if you come for a class once a month for each of the new pattern sections and then the finishing class.  You may speed up the project if you choose to come bi-monthly.  Each time you come in you will receive a class to help you through the next pattern section.  Depending on how quickly you work the sections, classes can be scheduled monthly or sooner.

Please call the shop at (516) 293-0010 to schedule you first Building with Lace Knit a Long class.

The class fee for Building with Lace Knit a Long is for 1 session and it does not include materials.