Infinite Yarns does not currently offer Exchanges, Returns, or Refunds of any items sold in our store or on our website.

Please make sure to purchase only what you need, while ensuring you have enough yardage to complete your project. If you are left with remaining yarn after a project, there are many wonderful ways to use that yarn for a future project.


Why no Returns or Exchanges you might ask … 

Due to Coronavirus and the nature of the products we sell being difficult to completely disinfect, it is necessary to update our policies.

We want to ensure that all our merchandise is safe for you.  You do not want to purchase items that could possibly have been exposed to Coronavirus, and we do not want to sell items that have potentially been exposed.

We want to ensure our shop is a safe space for our staff and especially for our customers.

Instead, we ask you to make sure you are buying the product you are going to keep and use.


Once again – All sales are final, No exceptions.