Euro Baby – Babe Softcotton Worsted


Please Choose :
Lemon Souffle (Euro SoftcottonW-002)
Candy Apple (Euro SoftcottonW-021)
Sunburst (Euro SoftcottonW-003)
Baby Bean (Euro SoftcottonW-019)
Limelight (Euro SoftcottonW-004)
Sandcastle (Euro SoftcottonW-024)
Blue Bayou (Euro SoftcottonW-005)
Sugardust (Euro SoftcottonW-026)
Pink Dolly (Euro SoftcottonW-006)
Cool Creme (Euro SoftcottonW-027)
Lavender (Euro SoftcottonW-010)
Spearmint (Euro SoftcottonW-008)
Rosebelle (Euro SoftcottonW-028)
Violet (Euro SoftcottonW-007)
Shock Pink (Euro SoftcottonW-009)
Lily Blush (Euro SoftcottonW-029)
Periwinkle (Euro SoftcottonW-030)
Dreamtime (Euro SoftcottonW-011)
Skylight (Euro SoftcottonW-031)
White (Euro SoftcottonW-001)
Sherbet (Euro SoftcottonW-101)
Limesicle (Euro SoftcottonW-032)
Aquamarine (Euro SoftcottonW-033)
Sugar Pop (Euro SoftcottonW-102)
Blue Fairy (Euro SoftcottonW-022)
Lullaby (Euro SoftcottonW-023)
Sorbet (Euro SoftcottonW-103)
Grape Powder (Euro SoftcottonW-014)
Rosy Posy (Euro SoftcottonW-018)
Popsicle (Euro SoftcottonW-104)
Bella Vanilla (Euro SoftcottonW-017)
Rock N Rose (Euro SoftcottonW-012)
Tutti Frutti (Euro SoftcottonW-105)
Gelati (Euro SoftcottonW-106)
Splish Splash (Euro SoftcottonW-013)
Rainbow Sundae (Euro SoftcottonW-112)
Sky Pie (Euro SoftcottonW-108)
Groovy Grape (Euro SoftcottonW-020)
Sweet Dream (Euro SoftcottonW-115)
Picture Perfect (Euro SoftcottonW-113)
Charm Stone (Euro SoftcottonW-025)
+ 36 more
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Euro Baby – Babe Softcotton Worsted is identical in composition to Babe Soft cotton Chunky, and is ideal for projects for babies and children since it’s so soft and easy to care for.

Fiber Content: 55% Acrylic, 45% Cotton
Yardage: Approx. 125 m – 246 yds per 100g
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Gauge: 20 sts per 4 in – 10 cm
Needle Size: US # 7 (4.5 mm)
Care: Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low, Do Not Iron


Colors may vary depending on monitor


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