Kauni – Effektgarn


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EZ - 160g (Kauni Effekt-EZ-160G)
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EZ - 150g (Kauni Effekt-EZ-150G)
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EL - 140g (Kauni Effekt-EL-140G)
EL - 160g (Kauni Effekt-EL-160G)
EM - 140g (Kauni Effekt-EM-140G)
EM - 160g (Kauni Effekt-EM-160G)
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EQ - 160g (Kauni Effekt-EQ-160G)
EY - 140g (Kauni Effekt-EY-140G)
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Kauni – Effektgarn is a pure 100% Wool yarn from Denmark that has amazing long graduated color sequencing per ball.  It is sold by weight in random skein sizes from 130g – 170g and is priced according to its gram weight. Kauni Effektgarn is a unique yarn and you may find an occasional knot or slice.  Sometimes the colors after the splice is from a different point in the color sequence.  Not all the balls of one color will be balled in the same directions.  For example, some balls will have the sequence progressing from the outside toward the center, and some will have the sequence progressing from the center to the outside.

Fiber Content: 100% Wool
Yardage: Approx. 400 m –  per 100g
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Gauge: 24 sts per 4 in – 10 cm
Needle Size: US # 3
Care: Hand Wash – Dry Flat


Colors may vary depending on monitor