Knitting Fever – Furreal


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05 Pawnee Bear (KFI Furreal-05)
04 Canadian Lynx (KFI Furreal-04)
13 Golden Jackal (KFI Furreal-13)
03 Jersey Wooly (KFI Furreal-03)
15 Grey Wolf (KFI Furreal-15)
14 Pine Marten (KFI Furreal-14)
12 Tundra Wolf (KFI Furreal-12)
01 Artic Fox (KFI Furreal-01)
06 Chinchilla (KFI Furreal-06)
07 Mink (KFI Furreal-07)
24 Andean Flamingo (KFI Furreal-24)
25 Little Blue Heron (KFI Furreal-25)
26 Lilac Breasted Roller (KFI Furreal-26)
27 Guinea Turaco (KFI Furreal-27)
02 Panther (KFI Furreal-02)
28 Rosefinch (KFI Furreal-28)
11 Glacier Bear (KFI Furreal-11)
30 Winter Bunny (KFI Furreal-30)
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Knitting Fever – Furreal  The perfect way to add the look of fur to your next project as a collar, trim or even your next softie or amigurumi. Be bold and use Furreal for blankets, scarves and hats that exude old world elegance.

The Infinite Yarns Design Team has a pattern published on Ravelry for a luxuriously soft knit blanket using 10 balls of Furreal Yarn.  Find the pattern here:


Fiber Content: 100% Polyester
Yardage: Approx. 71 yds per 100g
Yarn Weight: Bulky
Gauge: 7 – 11 sts per 4 in – 10 cm
Needle Size: US # 11 – 17 (8 – 12.75 mm)
Care: Hand Wash Gentle – Dry Flat


Colors may vary depending on monitor