Lykke Clear – 5″ Interchangeable Cord


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Lykke Clear- 5 inch Interchangeable Knitting Cord

These new clear cables by Lykke are resilient & flexible.  The swivel ends keep your project kink-free, and the smooth join enables stitches to slide around the needles effortlessly.  The long threaded join insures that cord and needles stay connected.  Simply tighten using cord “key” by inserting into the tightening hole and twisting.  Hole can also be used for a lifeline!

For use with 5″tips

They are used with the range of LYKKE Interchangeable Needles. There are three lengths for the 9cm (5″) needles. (24 – 32 – 40 ))   

  Each pack contains:

  • x1 cord
  • x2 stoppers
  • x1 key

The cables swivel at the needle join.