Lykke Driftwood – 12″ Single Pointed Needles


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Lykke Driftwood 12″Single Pointed Needles

The LYKKE Driftwood collection is made of birch wood, a popular material for crafting tools due to its flexibility and tight wood grain. This material makes the needles perfect for those who find metal needles too slick and bamboo too grippy. There are many birch wood-based knitting needles on the market, but Lykke’s Driftwood needles differ from the competition in that each pair has been infused with a specially-toned resin rather than coated or stained at the surface-level. This process allows for more subtle color variation instead of a uniform color application, and the effect is much like driftwood found on the shore.

Made of strong and beautiful polished birch wood, the LYKKE Driftwood 12″ Single Pointed Knitting Needles are very smooth and light. With their warm character, the Driftwood needles are easy on the hands and the eyes – a true pleasure to work with. All LYKKE needles have both US and metric sizes etched on the needles to ensure long-term readability.